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Located at the Ferndown Industrial Estate complex between Ferndown and Wimborne, in Dorset, Ferndown Finishing Ltd is a metal finishing company specialising in plating and anodising. Established in November 2000, the company has a healthy financial stability. A recent expansion of process capability has resulted in attracting a wide customer base that covers most aspects of engineering.

The automatic process lines for anodising and zinc plating enable a high throughput, leading to short processing lead times and competitive prices for our customers.  The quality management system meets the requirements of ISO9001:2015 standard.

Because the company is governed by the Environment Agency via the IPPC license, it is the philosophy of Ferndown Finishing to use processes that are considered best in class environmentally.

ISO9001:2015 certification

Why Choose Us?

Both production areas have gained from this expansion and it has allowed the company to offer the increased capacity to its customer base.

The Management Team at the company have been together for the last twenty years, having a collective industry experience of more than 100 years. The team have had working experiences from the smallest engineering workshops right through to the largest in the world, including the likes of Jaguar, 3-Com, IBM, De-La-Rue, Hewlett Packard and many others.

Small to High Volume Orders

We are proud to meet all our clients’ expectations no matter the size of their order.

Automated Machinery

We work with state of the art machinery allowing us to produce high volumes of components at the finest quality.

Turnaround Time

We offer a rapid turnaround for small quantities and highly competitive turnaround times for larger orders.


Due to our efficient equipment and streamlined processes, we are able to pass on the cost savings to our customers.

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Zinc and Barrel Rack

Automated and manual process. These are able to handle large components and large scale throughout.

Hard Anodising

A variety of aluminium alloys, including high copper allows. PTFE Seal also available.


Available for all processes to provide selective finishes.

Tin Plating

Bright acid tin in rack or barrel.

Sulphuric acid anodising

Automated and manual process. These are able to handle large components and large scale throughout.

Chemical Conversion Coatings on Aluminium

Chromium VI free processes including Surtec 650 and Iridite NCP.

Stainless Steel Passivation

Chromium VI free processes.

Copper Plating

Either as a finish or as an undercoat for other processes.

Environmental Awareness

In the world of increasing Environemtnal awareness, Ferndown Finishing has an active policy of seeking and employing greener alternatives to the traditional proccesses inherant withing the industry.

To this end, the company has been trialing the latest “green” alternatives which are required as standard by the likes of the Automotive Industry. The company envisages introduction of the most appropriate methods during the first half of 2005 in time for the ELV directives.

Furthermore, during 2004, The company has been working in conjunction with the Environment Agency in order to achieve it’s IPPC status. This has now been realised with the issue of the permit in December 2004.

The company operates as Environmental Management System based entirely around the ISO 14001 standard.

Some of the environmental initiatives that we have been pursuing recently include the following:

  • LED lighting has been fitted throughout the factory floor and offices.
  • New energy efficient rectifiers for all processes have been installed.
  • A reduced water consumption by 30% has been achieved by using more efficient methods.
  • All chromium VI containing processes have been removed from site.
Prevent pollution

Set, monitor and review environmental performance, targets and objectives

Comply with all current applicable legislation

Ensure all employees are aware of their responsibility to protect the environment

To continually improve the environmental performance of Ferndown Finishing Ltd

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